Webs.com Review

A critical review as well as a breakdown of all features

How does the Webs editor work?

The elements you see here can be placed onto your page via drag and drop. It's very easy.

What we also like is that you can write directly into the page. There's no pop-up editor, just plain and simple.

With most website builders you can add different types of headlines. In HTML language they are called H1, H2, H3 and so on (this defines the hierarchy of the heading). Webs only gives you one type of headline. If you want to add a H2 or H3 you have to do it through a Custom HTML widget like we have done here:

Website administration

At the top of your page (when you are logged in) you will see these four links.

Builder is the site builder

With Theme you can choose a design you like

Pages allows you to add or delete pages

And Panel gives you access a variety of administration tools

Here you can find a screenshot of the Panel:

You can see that there are some ads on the site. As we pay for a premium package I believe that this goes over the top - there should absolutely be no ads! It's pretty annoying. Fortunately there are no ads on the website itself.

All in all the Webs editor is easy to understand. If you are working with it it's better to use a large screen. The working area is a little bit dense and you don't really see the whole page when you are using the editor. But I guess you can get used to it.

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